Hydravitals Facial Kit For Dry Skin by Lotus Professional – 840g

NPR 4,500.00

The hydravitals kit contains :

  • 1) lotus professional hydravitals oatmeal active scrub cream – 260gm
  • 2) lotus professional hydravitals jojoba stimulating massage cream – 250gm
  • 3) lotus cleansing facial green tea & chamomile soothing masque – 60gm
  • 4) lotus professional hydravitals milk enzymes and turmeric moisturising cleanser – 250ml
Lotus Professional in Nepal

BB Hydravitals Oatmeal Active Scrub Cream - 260g

NPR 1,160.00

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BB Hydravitals Jojoba Stimulating Massage Cream,250gm

NPR 1,432.00

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BB Greentea Masque

NPR 770.00

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