• Complete Coverage Concealer – Variable Products

    If you are tired of applying extremely heavy makeup to cover those blemishes and dark circles and are looking for something more lightweight and easy-to-apply, then get your hands on the new Daily life Forever52 Complete Coverage Concealer – an ideal solution for flawless skin. This revolutionary, light-weighted and creamy textured liquid concealer offers a naturally glowing youthful look and perfectly camouflages dark circles, acne spots and blemishes. In addition, it also prevents premature aging.

    NPR 806.00
  • 4 Color Concealer by Forever 52 – Variable Products

    Specially crafted for your under-eye area, this 4 Color Concealer Palette by Daily life Forever 52 perfectly covers up blemishes and imperfections. It is an oil-free formula that stays on for long and makes your skin look more even-toned, flawless and youthful. This unique and innovative 4-tones concealer is considered as one of the best products by several makeup professionals all over the world.

    NPR 1,254.00

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