Lotus Professional BB

  • BB Greentea Masque

    • Cleans dirt
    • Suitable for oily skin
    • Control acne and pimples
    • Helps to control excess oil

    BB Greentea Masque

    NPR 770.00
  • BB Hydravitals Milk Enzymes & Turmeric Moisturizing Cleanser

    • Deep cleansing, removes make-up, anti-pollutant.
    • Normal to dry skin.
    • Gently cleanse and soften your skin by leaving a hydrating film by applying this Hydravitals Milk Enzymes and Turmeric Moisturizing Cleanser from Lotus Professional.
    • It is suitable for extremely dry to normal skin and is available in a pump bottle with a liquid formulation.
  • BB Puravitals Lemon Grass Ultimate Refreshing Toner 250 ml

    • Perfect for sensitive skin as it does not lead to breakouts.
    • Instantly refreshes the skin.
    • Ideal for combination, oily and acne prone skin.
    • Reduced open pores when used regularly .
    • Does not dry out the skin.
  • Dermo Spa Bulgarian Rose Glow & Brightening Facial Kit

    Dampen Face / Neck Place a small amount dermo Spa Japanese Sakura Skin Whitening Facewash on tips of fingers and gently lather into entire face using small circular movement. Rinse with clear water.

  • Dermo Spa Brazilian Anti Ageing facial Kit

    Lotus Professional Brazillian Anti Ageing Facial Kit Brazillian Anti Ageing Facial is infused with potent organic ingredients Murumuru and Shea butter, it acts as a natural moisturiser, repair damage caused by stress, sun exposure and dryness. Also helps to restore skin elasticity skin texture and reduces wrinkles and all signs of ageing. Kit Contents:- DermoSpa Skin Radiance Cleanser (10g×5pcs), DermoSpa Skin Smoothing Exfoliator (10g×5pcs), DermoSpa Brazilian Youth Enhancing Massage Crème (8g×5pcs), DermoSpa Active Anti-Ageing Serum (5ml×5pcs), DermoSpa Brazillian Anti Ageing Replenishment Masque (10g×5pcs). How To Use:- Cleanse with damp cotton to remove superficial dust & pollution. Thorough cleansing with Skin Radiance Cleanser. Wipe the Skin Radiance Cleanser with damp cotton. Exfoliate the dead cells of skin by using Skin Smoothing Exfoliator. Apply Active Anti-Ageing Serum. Massage Brazilian Youth Enhancing Massage Crème. Apply Brazillian Anti Ageing Replenishment Masque.

  • BB Hydravitals Rose Ultimate Refreshing Toner-250Ml

    Hydravitals Rose Ultimate Refreshing Toner. Its active rose extracts helps to refresh and close your pores after a gentle cleansing. Refresh and rejuvenate your skin’s natural moisture with the soothing experience of toning with Lotus Professional Hydravitals Rose Ultimate Refreshing Toner. Its active rose extracts helps to refresh and close your pores after a gentle cleansing.

  • BB Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion 250ml

    • Lotus professional phyto-rx rejuvina herbcomplex protective lotion is an everyday moisturising sun protector with that not only locks essential moisture but also works as a defense system for the skin by protecting it from ill-effects of the sun, wind, uv radiation and heat. It helps heal minor rashes and sun burns while moisturising the skin.
  • BB Pedicure and Manicure Citrus Hand & Foot Bath,250ml

    Our luxurious PEDICURE & MANICURE uses the highest quality ingredients to prevent minor nail damage like splits, ears & fragile nails. It also increases blood circulation, prevents wrinkling, and provides a well-groomed appearance to hands & feet.

  • BB Puravitals Cinnamon Energising Massage Gel, 300gm

    Lotus Professional Puravitals Cinnamon Energising Massage Gel is an effective skin recharge gel that adds life to your skin that nourishes and gently cares for your skin.

  • BB Hydravitals Oatmeal Active Scrub Cream – 260g

    This oatmeal-contained scrub is effective for gentle exfoliation, so you can get rid of all blackheads and other dirt clogging your pores. Show off smooth and clear skin and go out with brighter and whiter skin. Give your skin a clearer, brighter, and translucent look by using this hydravitals oatmeal active scrub cream of professional. It is the perfect scrub for everyday use as it gives you a clean and clear skin than ever. The scrub cream maintains the moisture balance within the skin and facilitates water flow that keeps the skin hydrated for a long time. It soothes and calms your skin and ensures optimum comfort to your skin. Enriched with hydravitals oatmeal, this cream serves excellent in preventing premature aging. Oats have exclusive skin benefits that serves effective in the treatment of acne and provide skin lightening effects on your skin. It effectively improves the skin tone and texture and smoothes out spots, areas on your face, and gives a shine to your face. It acts as a natural cleanser for removing dirt and impurities along with dead and damaged cells from your face. It effectively promotes rejuvenation to your skin as it paves the way for the underlying cells to reach the surface. This active scrub cream from professionals greatly benefits all types of skin and is available in a pack of 260gms. Make your skin beautiful and look shining by using this scrub cream from a professional.

  • BB Hydravitals Jojoba Stimulating Massage Cream,250gm

    • Especially Made For Both Women And Men, Lotus Professional Hydravitals Jojoba Stimulating Massage Cream Is Suitable For All Skin Types Such That Normal To Dry Skin. This Massage Cream Is Made To Moisturise And Hydrate The Skin. With Natural Ingredients, This Cream Makes The Skin Supple And Soft.
    • With Hydravitals, It Removes All The Skin Impurities And Gives You A Bridal Look. With Jojoba Ingredients, This Massage Cream Moisturises The Skin Without Clogging The Pores. It Removes The Fine Lines And Wrinkles On The Face.
    • For A Healthy Skin, It Enhances The Blood Flow Rate. This Cream Makes The Skin Smooth And Protects Against Pimples. To Get An Attractive Look And Glowing Face.
  • BB 4 Layers Advanced Radiance FacialKit

    Lotus Professional 4 layers advanced radiance facial kit improves skin tone and creates more even skin color. Helps absorption of the existing layers. Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. An exclusive formula that helps in lightening, brightening, even out skin tone by fading pigmentation, effectively boosting skin renewal. Makes skin lighter, smoother and even-toned with improved translucence and radiance.

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